Un crash soft rappelle l' autre giga

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Un crash heureux: aucun mort

AngolaPress Arusha, - Un avion de la Mission des Nations unies en RD Congo (MONUC) a explosé en s`écrasant, alors qu`il s`apprêtait à atterrir à l`aéroport de Kigoma. "Il y avait à bord 5 personnes, des soldats des Nations unies mais il n`y a pas eu de mort". "Les cinq soldats ont pu sauter à temps en utilisant du matériel de parachutage". L`avion, un C130, rentrait de Bunia, dans l`Est de la RD Congo où il avait livré des vivres à des casques bleus.

 Le record mondial, hormis le Nine Eleven

Airliners.net William Henry    In the early afternoon of Monday January 8, an Air Africa Antonov-32 was preparing for a flight from Ndolo airport in Kinshasa to Kahemba, Zaire. The cargo plane,  was packed with supplies and a full tank of fuel. During the takeoff roll, the aircraft only reached roughly half the ideal takeoff speed, yet began to lift as it reached the end of the runway. . When it put on its reverse engines it was too late.

© Cheri Cherin

Simbazikita was an open-air vegetable market, particularly popular, despite its location adjacent to Ndolo airport. Unfortunately, the market was reaching its busiest hour when the overloaded An-32 came crashing down into the market, sliding for 330 feet in a fiery mass. The airplane slammed into the Simbazikita market, ignited, and tore through wooden shacks, cars and pedestrians, most of whom were women and children. Because of the large amount of petroleum onboard, the resulting fire burned intensely and significantly increased the death toll. Twisted metal, produce, and mutilated bodies, limbs and heads lay scattered and burning across the entire area.  

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Imagine this barreling through a crowded marketplace Photo © Vassili B. Savinov


Almost instantly, the scene descended into total chaos. Many witnesses to the crash began rescue efforts, while others desperately began searching for their friends and family. Some were more greedy and remorseless: “looters ripped jewels off the charred limbs of victims and scooped up the scattered market goods as flames whipped around them.”

© Cheri Cherin

Miraculously, four crewmembers survived, and were forced to defend themselves against a murderous mob as they emerged from the smoldering wreck. The crew was attacked again while recovering in the hospital.

© Detroit News (AP)

Nearly 500 people were injured. The bodies amongst the wreckage were so mutilated that only 66 were identified.  Many of the fatalities were women who were vendors at the market, and the primary income providers for their families. About 100 “unclaimed” bodies were buried at a ceremony attended by Zairean President Mobutu Sese Seko.

© Cheri Cherin

The number of fatalities on the ground is startlingly varied, based on the source cited; as a result, the tragic loss of life associated with this disaster is not always appropriately conveyed. A minimum of 225 market shoppers were killed, derived from the 225 counts of murder charged to Nicolai Kazarin and Andrei Gouskov, two of the pilots. Two hundred ninety-seven fatalities is the most credible amount, recognized in the Civil Aviation Authority Safety Review 1990-1999, and by the Red Cross, CNN, and the Associated Press.Three hundred forty-eight is also a very common number cited, as is “at least 350.” Some reports have claimed more than 600 victims; witnesses declared more than 1,000.

Aside from the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, no other aviation incident has claimed the lives of so many innocent bystanders.


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